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  • “…a non-fiction literal literary masterpiece.” Reader Review. - Review by samiam013 — The Altitude Journals Report this post Post by samiam013 » 03 Jul 2018, 22:28 The Altitude Journals is a non-fiction literal literary masterpiece. David Mauro is in the process of a devastating divorce when his brother-in-law, Ty, reaches out and asks him the one question that will change his life forever. […]
  • Online Book Club review of The Altitude Journals - Official Review: The Altitude Journals by David J Mauro Report this post Post by bluegreenmarina » 30 May 2018, What does it take to push an ordinary person into committing an extraordinary act? What does it take to repeat that extraordinary act seven times? In his memoir, The Altitude Journals, David J. Mauro tells the […]
  • Kirkus Review of The Altitude Journals - TITLE INFORMATION THE ALTITUDE JOURNALS A Seven-Year Journey from the Lowest Point in My Life to the Highest Point on Earth David J. Mauro Self (456 pp.) $26.99 paperback, $7.99 e-book ISBN: 978-1-5445-0049-2; May 1, 2018 BOOK REVIEW A financial planner becomes a mountaineer and conquers the Seven Summits in this gripping debut memoir. Mauro […]
  • a beautiful adventure - Oh!! I just finished The Altitude Journals!! I loved it!! It was a beautiful, fantastic and wonderful adventure! Wow!! -Sonya
  • inspire them to dream big - "Dave is an engaging speaker who weaves story and life lessons into his personal accounts of tackling not only the highest summits on the seven continents, but the summits of our own self-perceived limitations. My students left the session inspired and still reflecting on what the session meant to them, an educator’s dream come true in today’s reach-for-your-cell-the-second-class-is-out culture. This is a testament to Dave’s ability to inspire them to dream big, and then set one foot in front of the other and find daily joy in their quests to realize these dreams."
  • genuine story with lessons -